Bringing Landlords Together

Landlords MK (Milton Keynes Private Landlords Association) is a non-profit organisation. The Association is run by an enthusiastic team of elected volunteer members who have a wide range of experience in a diversity of professions, as well as all being landlords themselves. Our objective is to bring landlords together to share experiences and to provide a platform for landlords to express their views and have their interests represented both locally and nationally.

Landlords MK has been set up with the following aims:

  • To improve the overall professionalism of landlords providing Private Rented Sector (PRS) property within Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.
  • To ensure that members' properties are of good standard and thereby offer quality accommodation to the tenants.
  • To work with the local council and housing-related agencies or charities to ensure that the needs and rights of tenants and landlords are met fairly and in a balanced way.
  • To provide guidance to landlords in terms of best practice and to ensure that all members adhere to a professional code of practice.

Awareness & education

It is important that landlords are aware of legislation and procedures that affect their business. We aim to raise awareness and provide education, information and advice through regular public meetings with expert guest speakers, as well as frequent updates through our newsletters and e-bulletins. Landlords MK recognises that there a numerous players involved in the PRS and that the best way to avoid future problems within the PRS is to ensure that each player understands their role. Landlords need to be willing to offer good quality accommodation at a fair rent and to abide by the law, or best practice when dealing with tenants. Tenants need to be willing to abide by the terms of their contract, pay the rent that is due and have respect for both the landlord and the property in which they live.

Landlord Community

The council and other housing-related agencies need to work in cooperation with the landlord community to ensure that the housing need of the Milton Keynes population is met in the optimum way, without damaging the ability for landlords to conduct their business profitably. By promoting best practice amongst our members and educating both landlords and tenants, Landlords MK hopes to improve the overall PRS housing in the Milton Keynes area.